sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

Vuelta al cole...Capítulo II: Cumple de la profe de inglés (japiberdeimadonna)

Every August 16th, I used to have a pizza with my friends while in watching "Evita" by Alan Parker, starring by Madonna...and that´s because it´s Madonna´s birthday and this is how we (some insane fans) celebrate the biggest success in Madonna´s career...

For some of you (mostly healthy people...) this must be crazy, weird and a little bit grouppie, but for me (well, I can´t read someone else´s mind...) this is nothing compares of what she did to me, I´m talking about the influence that she´s been always had in me, even more if we talk about improving myself, like: move to england talking basic english thanks to her songs (not spanish secondary school, of course)...Daring to challenge my powerful female side against men´s arrogance in a men´s world...or even feeling better thinking of how a little poor girl from Detroit, dauther of italian inmigrants, after working very hard, one day, could become QUEEN OF POP and be millioner for more than 25 years........and more and more.........

Today, for the first time, I´m not having a pizza while I´m watching "Evita" but I´m holding my ticket to Madonna´s concert in Sevilla, next month, while I´m watching my own success, my man, my boyfriend, my babe-love-of-my-life: Pas............I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!!

PS: By the way, HAPPY FIFTY MADDY!!!

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